The Festival

Animate Dance Festival is a celebration of dance in all its forms. Taking place in the ex-militarly base on Alameda Point, Animate invites people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the wealth of dance artistry on offer in the Bay Area.


The Mission

A bold new initiative, Animate Dance Festival aims to showcase the great diversity of dance forms practised and performed in the Bay Area.  We will strive to create a friendly, festive atmosphere so that people are emboldened to experience and participate in dance discovering its power to enrich, and enlighten our daily lives.  

  • Support free access to the arts for everyone, irrespective of economic or social background.  

  • Provide opportunities for artists to create new work in an inspiring, nurturing and supportive environment.

  • Enhance the awareness of and access to dance in Alameda, and throughout the Bay Area

  • Engage and Unite the local dance community


The Team